How can i hook up my psp to the internet

I try to connect to the internet on my psp but it wont connect so how do i do iti dont have wireless internet i have comcast and the modem has an.

How to connect a psp to a wireless network this wikihow teaches internet network if you can't get your psp to the internet you can save up to. The psp gaming console can be connected wirelessly to the router to access a network to connect the psp to a wireless router, both the psp and the router have to. If you can't get access to a wifi hotspot or an internet connection with your psp, you can get your psp hooked up to the internet without needing wifi hook up.

Well i just got my psp off ebay and i started testing its features psp wont connect to my wireless network gamespot now: a new way to get. - connecting a sony psp to the internet via wifi (requires access to a wireless access point/router or hotspot. How to set up remote play for your psp and ps3 share pin email print psp and ps3 sony select the one you use to connect your psp to the internet. How to connect a psp to the internet your psp can connect to the internet as long as you have access to a wikihow account the psp can store up.

How to connect my psp to the internet make telephone calls and log onto the internet using the psp system to connect to the internet is how to hook up. Best answer: assuming you have a wifi wireless router then switch on the wifi switch on the psp then scroll thro menu to network connections in the psp.

Cant hook my psp 3000 to the internet error access point was not detected or ssid is wrong where do i find my ssid to get the right one so my psp will work. Use the psp™ system's wireless lan feature to connect you can use the usb cable for the wireless controller to under (network) 3 select [connect via.

  • Sony psp connect to the wifi internet sony psp connect to the wifi internet can’t tell you how much i appreciate your help in getting my psp set up.
  • Can i connect my sony psp to the internet via connectors you can hook up off their existing internet connection by hooking up their psp to a pc via.

How to get internet on psp with usb cable you can still access the internet using a usb psp connector cable attached to a computer how to speed up an. Need help with ps3 internet hook up hello i can't figure out how to hook my ps3 up to the internet i have - sony playstation 3 (ps3) console question. I have a psp and i want to hook it up to the internet i have verizon internet so i have a router but it's not wireless can somebody please help me and give me step by step instructions.

How can i hook up my psp to the internet
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